Sweet Potato & Pear Salad with Avocado Dressing

That. Avocado. Though.

I’ve struggled with embracing salad my whole life. Mostly because embracing Nutella, chocolate, cake and let’s not forget french fries & other fried amazingness… was way easier. I can’t tell you how much I’ve dreamed of eating a fried Snickers bar. #drool

In an effort to eat clean, and detox, I threw together this mix of vegetables and fruits I found in my fridge: boiled sweet potato, pear, cherry tomatoes & greens…. with a dollop of Avocado Green Goddess dressing. Avocados got MAJOR Mojo.

This Avocado Green Goddess dressing is something else. It’s also mind numbingly easy to whip up. Avocado + garlic + Olive oil + lime juice + cilantro, with a dab of salt & pepper…and you’re DONE! It’s a dressing so versatile, it works on pretty much, most salad bases. It is:

 low fat & healthier than other dressings (looking at you, Ranch dressing!)
 ridiculously fresh & yummy
 addictive….had me cleaning out my salad bowl & going for seconds….

Nutella, my friend, you’ll have to scooch behind my Avocado friends for a bit….

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Originally published at Find My MoJyo.