Tropical Fruit Salad with Lychee, Papaya & Mango

Jul 21, 2016 · 2 min read

One can never go wrong with Lychee.

It’s just kind of impossible (unless you’re allergic to it…yikes, in which case, may I interest you in some Nutella??)

I was thinking of something fun & simple to take for dessert to a friend’s house & realized my fridge was stocked with fruits I’d barely touched. Better yet, I spotted a bag of lychees I picked up on a whim….& then it came to me….AN IDEA!!…

…how about making a tropical fruit salad?! With Papaya, Mango & precious, sweet Lychee?? I’m drooling re-living the memory of it all.

It turned out pretty amazing! And was a big hit at the party, my friends & I wiped our bowls clean…and some of my buddies, went right back to the Salad bowl, hunting for more Lychees. I will chalk this up as recipe success!

My only gripe…is when I left it in the fridge, the fruit let out a bunch of juice! Which was tasty and all, but the fruit at the bottom looked terribly soggy & were floating like sad, unclaimed baggage at even sadder airport terminal.

I realized this is because I made the cardinal sin of adding dressing AHEAD OF TIME…cuz you know, I wanted to carry minimal things with me to my friend’s house. Yeeeaaaa….don’t let this happen to you people! Turns out you should always put the dressing on a salad, minutes before you actually eat it. Fruit Salads deserve our unsoggy commitment towards their integrity.#fruitsaladsneedlovetoo

Floating Fruit at the bottom of the bowl, like Sad, Abandoned Luggage…

Let me know how it works out for you & any tips you have for me! And oh, to answer the question, yes, this fruit salad has MUCHO tropical Mojo!! #tropicalmojo

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