Eco-Friendly Driving: Tips for Reducing Your Vehicle’s Environmental Impact

5 min readJun 7, 2023
Eco-Friendly Driving: Tips for Reducing Your Vehicle’s Environmental Impact

The whole world is fighting against carbon emissions. Governments are arranging different campaigns and trying to educate people about how important it is to take care of planet Earth. Eco-friendly driving is also a part of it. Driving gently, evenly, and smoothly can affect energy consumption.

As the driver, it is your responsibility to keep in mind these things and contribute a little to keep the environment safe. These tips mentioned in this article are highly effective for reducing the vehicle’s environmental impact along with maintaining your car’s sustainability for longer. , If you need any kind of assistance with your car whether it’s not working or not running properly, then book your repair with us on Find My Service Center in the Car section and we’ll be happy to help you.

Temperature Raising Can Be Good

Cars these days come with AC. People often run ACs in cars to enjoy the ride more, especially in hot climates. It is advisable to raise the temperature higher once the car gets cooled down. If you generally keep it at 20 or 22 degrees, set it to 23 or 24. It doesn’t feel any extra difference but creates a difference in the environment. When the temperature is raised, less load is there on the air conditioner. As a result, it consumes less fuel. In the case of electric vehicles, it needs less power from the batteries.

Smooth Acceleration

Don’t you want to achieve smooth acceleration while driving? Remember, you should maintain a steady pressure on the accelerators if you want less fuel consumption. Thus, it will assist you in smoothly moving the speedometer upward until you get the desired speed. You will not have to cope with any kind of unexpected pressure towards the back position of the vehicle because of the smooth acceleration system. It also improves your ability to control the vehicle, besides supporting eco-friendly driving.

Try to Less the Loads from Car

It is very common for people to carry many heavy items on their car’s trunks. It actually increases the car’s overall weight and makes it heavier. Do you know that a heavy car consumes more fuel than a lightweight car? So keeping the car’s load as little as possible is suggested. Instead of heavier items, you can use alloy wheels, light foot mats, and even avoid using seat covers. If you keep it in check, you will find a significant impact on the car’s fuel consumption. You can also read this at our main page: “Eco-Friendly Driving: Lower Your Car’s Environmental Impact”.

Opt for an Easy Route

A short route is not always easy; on the other hand, a longer route might result in less fuel consumption. Do you know how? A longer route with an even path always consumes less fuel than bumpy short routes. Though a short route seems short based on time, you can always find a longer route that is more reliable for eco-friendly driving. For an EV, the scenario is also the same. It is why EVs work more efficiently on city roads than highways. Different countries worldwide have maps with ‘eco-friendly route’ options for such driving.

All the drivers need to change the menu settings with the right engine type, like petrol or gas, diesel, hybrid, or EV, and they have to enable the eco-friendly options for having suggestions. The system has been developed with AI and encourages less fuel consumption for a better environment.

Vehicle Servicing

Routine vehicle maintenance is necessary, as it can give your car some extra mileage. Other than this, maintenance keeps your car away from different technical issues. As a result, there will be less fuel consumption. Opting for the car’s engine repair periodically can make your car more fuel efficient. You already know that different vehicles have different maintenance needs and requirements. However, you have to keep a check on this. Typically, your car needs at least one or two maintenance services per year.

Avoid Rough Braking

When the talk is about eco-friendly driving, you must avoid increasing and decreasing your car’s speed too fast. While doing this, going over the brakes generally raises the chances of fuel consumption and also creates overheating issues on the brake pads. You have to avoid rough breaking. Because of this tough braking system, your vehicle’s anti-lock system gets impacted negatively, and performance will change. I’m sure that you’ll like reading this: “How to Identify Counterfeit Parts at Your Local Service Center?”.

Some Common Things to Keep in Mind about Eco-friendly Driving

Do you know that leaving the engine to warm up is not good? It is better to stop and start the engine again from driving. Engine oil is consumed less if you follow this point during your drive.

Your driving speed also matters a lot in oil consumption. Unnecessary speed increase and decrease impact strongly on fuel consumption. So, it is better to drive at a constant speed.

A speed exceeding 97 km/h also increases the chances of fuel consumption in cars. So, it is suggested to keep the speed at a certain level and try to reduce the amount of consumption.

Tips to Save Petrol and Supporting Eco-friendly Driving

It is always essential to have an energy-saving drive that is also environmentally friendly. Here are some tips on this concept.

  • Drive cautiously.
  • Think about the fuel cut-off.
  • Switch the engine off and avoid idling for long hours.
  • Keep the engine’s speed low by switching the gears.
  • Think about the proper tire pressure to save fuel.
  • Try to drive evenly and smoothly with a constant speed.
  • During high-speed traveling, keep the windows closed.
  • Try to switch off the additional devices while driving or use them as low as possible.

What Is an Eco-friendly Driving Score?

Eco-Friendly Driving

What is the eco-driving score? Do you have any idea about it? Calculating the driving score is calculated by calculating the difference between how much energy was used and how much energy needed to complete the journey. You can also figure out the score by comparing the driver’s speed.

We can calculate the eco-driving score by using various software applications available in the market. These applications commonly give a reference allowing drivers to obtain this score with different vehicles and roads.


Now, as you already know the importance of eco-friendly driving and also get some hands-on tips for environmentally friendly driving, you can contact the technicians of Find My Service Center. You can also expect to have complete assistance with your driving by making significant and positive improvements in fuel consumption.