Factors that should be taken care while Requirement Gathering

As per company hierarchy a Business Analyst is the person who is responsible for Requirement Gathering, he/she is the person who completely analyze the Client’s requirements with the plethora of activities with due course of time.

There are few factors which should be taken care of while doing the requirement gathering

  • Researching the competing application : Whenever, a Client approach for any project, he has something in his mind, which he discusses with the Business Analyst. He also gives few reference applications in that matter. The main role of the Business Analyst should be such that, they should completely understand the ideas of the Client and develop it into prototype.
  • Analyzing the Age Group : It’s very important to target the audience who is going to use the application. For example, Dating Apps like Tinder which will be maximum used by Tenagers and Youths who belongs to the age range of 18 to 35, on the other hand middle age people and old people will partially use the dating app.

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