Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) create digital assets out of typically non-tradable assets, like digital artwork or even scanned paintings. NFTs commodify the previously uncommodifiable. The ability to mint NFTs offers digital content creators and artists alike a new method to profit off their creations. But that is just a single use case. The ability to reach a global community of collectors, profit off future sales of work, and expand into a new market of online collectibles offers previously unknown artists the ability to finally profit from their talent.

One of the first things people notice is NFTs are openly displayed as images that can be easily downloaded off the internet and stored on any personal computer. So why would anyone pay for something they could download for free?


Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” NFT sold at Christie’s Auction House for $69 million but anyone can turn on a computer and download a copy. To understand the value of NFTs, it is useful to examine the traditional art world. Anyone can download a Van Gogh, print it out, display it as a desktop screensaver, or have their own print made. Collectors can even purchase a copy that is indistinguishable accept to skilled curators.

An actual Van Gogh, adjusted for inflation sold at around USD 805M. That is because this Van Gogh was verified and traceable making it an authentic collector piece. Only when a piece is traced back directly to the original artist, does it hold real value.

With physical pieces of art, a curator or specialists is needed to determine whether a piece is original and unique. With NFTs, smart contracts do the work of a curator by verifying a non-fungible token. Once minted, the original creator and current asset owner is forever solidified in history on an immutable ledger.


Blockchains, in short, are distributed accounting systems. Not all blockchains can support NFTs.

The FindShibby token will be launching on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum to offer cross chain interoperability and a larger audience for artists that join with FindShibby. And we also consider Cardano Blockchain for our NFT Plattform.

BSC offers an extremely large user base because of their EVM compatibility and Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, after Bitcoin. Ethereum is the most actively used blockchain so FindShibby will launch on Ethereum as well as Binance to offer accessibility to users on both chains. Low fees and a user-friendly experience make BSC an excellent alternative to those that do not wish to interact with Ethereum.


FindShibby is designed not as a single asset, but as an entire ecosystem of pet ownership solutions. Cryptocurrencies have the capability to accelerate growth and adoption in every industry and FindShibby intends to incorporate all aspects to create a solid business that extends well into the future. With transparency as a value, the FINDSHIBBY token aims to be a safe, open, and honest investment. While meme dogs abound in the crypto-verse, FindShibby offers a bespoke pet ownership ecosystem that provides an app for lost pets, vet finding service, a partnership with a pet food, snack, and supplement supplier, and a Fintech partnership to bring the project full circle. Loving cartoon crypto pets is fun, but for a project to last utility and profit must exist in equal proportions. FindShibby offers solutions, adventure, and a Pet lovers’ community that will make Pet Ownership a profitable and enjoyable experience.

For artists and collectors, FindShibby will offer a digital art gallery that helps artists and collectors connect while also benefiting our decentralized pet charity. Collecting art has never been simpler or trendier. FindShibby will assist artists in every aspect of creating NFTs by minting a unique NFT for each piece of art. FindShibby will work with local artists and help display their creations worldwide allowing collectors and speculators alike to access art from the local region.

FindShibby will seek out artists that focus on the relationship between pets and humans and any art containing pets as a theme. Working with FindShibby, artists will find a relationship similar to a curator at very little cost. Buyers will have the opportunity to receive the art pieces by mail. If they choose to only receive the digital copy, FindShibby will destroy the original piece with proof and only the digital art will remain in existence. Many in the art world are beginning to, or will soon, tire of the endless digital art output by various graphic artists. The time is now for traditional artists to enter the arena of NFTs. Findshibby.cash will contain an NFT marketplace that will be accessible globally on the web.


The sale of each piece minted on our NFT marketplace will contribute 20% to our decentralized pet charity focusing on pets with disabilities and street pets. Then 50% of each sale will go directly to the artists, with 10% commission for the gallery, and 20% for the cost of minting the NFT.

Artists will pay a small fee of $500 MXN ($30 USD, €25 EUR, £20 GBP, ¥200 Yuan) for the first piece. After the first, subsequent pieces will be minted free of charge. FindShibby will assist artists through the process and offer the utmost care and attention to each piece and the marketing of it.

With FindShibby, artists can focus on creating, and FindShibby will offer them a gallery and a host of services to access a new world of potential buyers.

To learn more about the FindShibby ecosystem please visit findshibby.cash.


Nicholas, CEO Shibby Finance LTD, Findshibby S.A.P.I and Shibby Snacks S.A.P.I.

Findshibby Meme coin 2.0.