Technology comes handy in the time of crisis. I want to share how I recently build a small way to distribute essentials in our society. Please check this and see if this or similar way can be adopted to distribute essentials among people.

Our Problem

  1. A simple way to collect orders from residents who need essentials like vegetables, fruits, milk, medicines etc.
  2. A way to manage consolidated orders list online so volunteers can work on order fulfilment and inform the residents when order is ready
  3. Payments: Manage payments through Wallets — PayTM, Google Pay.


  1. Use Google form to create an online form…

If you decide to do innovation you mostly will not do it. Innovation can not be a planned activity. You can’t just be innovative from tomorrow. You just don’t do innovation. Innovation is a mindset, a habit and often nature of organization and its people. It lies in culture of organization.

Steve Jobs once mentioned in an interview —

“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. It’s not about the money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.”

— Steve Jobs, in Fortune, November 9, 1998

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In last past I talked about how we use capabilities of our API gateway (Kong) to power a real time API dashboard which gives detail insight into performance of our APIs. We get to know API error rates, latencies, requests per seconds for each API. This dashboard is often a starting point for engineers to debug and trace production issues.

As mentioned in previous post, to power this information we use kong’s TCP logger plugin which sends information of each API call to a TCP server. It logs everything about API call, except the bodies of request and response. We…

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Our CEO often mentions this excellent quote — What gets measured gets done. This profound advice is applicable in every field — business, finance, technology and others. One needs to measure a problem before solving it.

In case of products that power businesses and consumer journeys, how do we measure efficiency of business operations and end user experiences? For example — How much time does it take to process inventory updates across multiple services or how many end user journeys are affected by system errors and so on.

Business operations and end user journeys are powered by software services and…

We are living in an era of revolution brought by recent researches in deep learning and easy availability of large computing power.

At Arvind Internet, we use Machine learning on variety of data to build great products. In this post i want to share some of the interesting results we found when we applied word2vec on our product description data. The goal was to find relationship between words and find similar words. Before I tell you more about what I did, let me briefly describe what is word2vec and details about the data.

What is Word2vec?

Word2vec algorithm was first created at Google…

When I launched Questy in February, I did not expect it would grow this fast.

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BTW if you don’t know Questy, it is a search engine for Indian parents to find solutions to everyday parenting problems. Read the previous post about it or visit www.questy.in

Key to any successful product is all about knowing the target users well. At Questy we analyze lots of user metrics.

Subhash Medatwal

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