A tribute to the Scholar of scholars

A great man’s Oceanic mind flooded once the Celtic English,

With unparalleled thoughts and words that enriched it too high;

He studied not this dynamic language in any University of his days,

But no known university today can afford to miss his exuberant works.

The royals from Richard and Henry were brought alive to the stages,

To make known the history as real as it could be in your generation;

Your plays are like love-juice of the Midsummer night’s dream,

Cause each reader to love English in a short while.

Othello and Macbeth exist to be the Masterpieces of Tragedy,

Much ado about nothing is still a comedy that tickles us to laugh;

The whole world marvels at your treasure of inexhaustible knowledge,

What you said is the truth for ever: all is well that ends well.

For love and romance, Romeo and Juliet, stand out even in Hi-fashioned world,

Doubtlessly you’re not only the poet of your Century but also for all ages;

If Enobarbus called Antony as ‘the garland of war’ on his fall,

It’s so apt to call you as ‘the garland of English’.

Note: I wrote this poem to honour William Shakespeare, who has played a significant role in shaping the English.

Nowhere, I mentioned his name; but whoever knows about him and his writings can easily identify him in this poem. Indeed, he is worthy to be called as the scholar of scholars — which is a regard I have for him.