The word meme originally was explained in a book published in 1976 — The Selfish Gene — which describes a meme as a social unit that is shared and passed down throughout generations, similar to what occurs with a gene in the biological sense.

But the term has since developed, and internet memes are images that have text overlaid on top or bottom, often for a humorous purpose. Internet users are responsible for spreading variations. Because digital culture allows us to be content creators, you can generate your memes.

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Why has it become so important? Because it spreads cute cats across the web and it triggers and engages us emotionally the same way ‘’Fake News’’ do. Or is it the opposite? Some research is showing that Fake News spread was based on the way Memes are spread. …

Content itself is a subjective material deeply connected with society models: cultural, political, material, social. It is the quality of content (or the characteristics) that will establish the potential a publication has among a particular audience. Such potential can be defined as the symbolic capital — the value one holds within a culture.

New technologies allowed anyone to be an author, offering new platforms to frame content, empowering autonomy in distribution and reception and ultimately changed the way society communicates. But let’s have a look at what the dictionary has to say about it:

Content is:

There is water inside the glass.
Surreal humor punch line about people who buy plants, but don’t want to deal with plants. …

I am Claudia Casaccia, architect and accessories designer. I have been on the market for three years now with a brand that carries my name. I create, produce, sell and promote silver and resin jewellery. I had my first contact with the Creative Content Kit in June 2019 in a workshop delivered by Ana Bender at Open Design Fair, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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Claudia and the group of creatives at Open Design (Porto Alegre, Brazil).

At the first step, MODEL, we looked at our target audience, which for me was already evident. Secondly, I thought about my product benefits and features. I realised my audience sometimes doesn’t know about my inspiration (architecture) and about the weight of my pieces, especially the ones made from resin. It is a very light material, but the design sometimes gives the impression they are heavy. …



by Ana Bender

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