The VR Experience That Blew Me Away

I had a chance to try Tilt Brush, a VR painting app for Oculus and Vive. At first, I treated it like a virtual studio and painted in front and above me- which feels totally natural- then I walked through it. That was the moment I realized how crazy dope VR is. It felt almost like painting a sculpture, pulling lines of crisp blue light from the top of what I originally had and spiraling them into cones next to me I could (literally or figuratively?) sit under. Seeing light flow from what would be your hand is just ridiculous and the depth of what I drew broke the real world link to usual 2D drawing, making me feel as if I were in a brand new world full of brilliant colour and possibilities- a world only possible in VR.

Someone was orchestrating the huge wire from the headset and didn’t appreciate the spirals, mostly because I was actually trying to draw them around myself at first. Hence the cones. If the headset were wireless I’d have spun like a ballerina.

Walking around felt natural and changing colours or brush type via a visual pallet on your hand felt intuitive. However, brush strokes couldn’t always be done with flicks or other quick motion which sometimes left lines choppy, and while that’s frustrating, erasing them isn’t much of a hassle. I’m assuming this would be from tech limitations, like the huge wire attached to my head hindering motion, but these are the only parts that broke my immersion.

Overall, I would give give this 5 stars as hands down the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. (4.5/5 stars if the brush speed is limited by the app, but again I’m guessing it’s not.)