Saturday. Bank holiday weekend. Islington, London.

I wanted to stay indoors, but felt compelled to find the sun.


‘Rework’ has given me the confidence to challenge the convention of the working world we know, and to push for sustainable, worthwhile output.

In this day and age of the ‘hustle’ is it possible to get lost in the reality of what it takes to do good, sustainable work. …

Photo from my wedding by

‘Social’ has helped me understand the way in which my brain approaches social situations, what motivates other people, and how the power of being social can drastically improve my ability to learn and conquer at life.

One of the greatest challenges that we as people face is navigating the world of the people around us. There is almost nothing in this life that we can achieve on our own, and what we do achieve we usually measure in the eyes of others. …

In Sapiens I have found a book that provides answers for questions that I have never even thought to ask (about how the hell we got here).

‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari attempts to compress the history of Humankind into 512 pages of high-level, factual chronological entertainment, that leaves you feeling wiser, and more at peace with how the world came to be as it is today.

Harai really does reach back…

Street photography under ‘normal’ conditions is quite difficult…well at least for me. When the light is bright but not casting sharp shadows, or when the weather is present, but not windy or wet, I find it hard to pull a story from the people in the street.

Today however, I…

The books currently on my shelf

‘Design my future’ is about focusing my time and energy on activities that I think will return an investment for me in the future. …

I was watching this video about a guy, Bruce Zaccagnino, who’s built the biggest model railway set in the world called ‘Northlandz’ (don’t ask me how I found this video).

I’m attracted to stories of people that have a passion and follow it. This guy has dedicated his life, with…

Welcome back to Product Designers. In this installment we sit down with Product Designer Jasmine Meijer.

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Jasmine arrived in London in 2012 where she kicked off her career in digital design, before focusing on the fashion industry.

Jasmine is currently a Product Designer at Farfetch…

This evening I wandered the streets of Islington. I went out with little aim other than to work with some new focal lengths. I find street photography at night (in London at least) so boring because of the street lights. So I decided to shoot Black & White.

These shots…

We place great value in ‘things’ that have been created with great care and attention. So why don’t we apply that same attention to ourselves.

Today’s the day I try and design my future.

(Quickly who I am… I’m Finlay Craig, creator, designer, and man-with-camera, who’s living in London, from Edinburgh, and married to Madeleine)

This is a photo of me. It helps break up the page a bit.

The process should be…

Finlay Craig

Creator, designer, man with camera. London via Edinburgh.

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