Black Wall St.

Little Africa also known as “Black Wall Street” happened in Tulsa Oklahoma. In my opinion, the way I see Black Wall St. is that it was a time of success for Black people. It was the time where many Smart educated black people created their own society, such as: an effective school system, businesses, airplanes, bus systems, hospitals, and etc. The black people put money into their communtity instead of the other community. This was where all the people in this black communtiy cared and looked out for each other, as a result they thrived off of each other and built each other up in a way that made everyone around successful.

Until the area was destroyed by “hating” white ectremist, also known as the Ku Klux Khan. These individuals, I personally feel could not stand the fact that they had competition and could possibly not be on top anymore. As well as, they did not feel comfort in the fact that they could oppress these group of individuals that were making it in the world.

Currently, in America, Black people are not looked at as having wealth. You may see some black individuals that are rich, but you eill not see wealth as showcased in the Black Wall Street. Therefore, I personally am looking forward to a day where black people can pass down wealth from generation to generation and be a factor in America. The only way I see this occuring is by everyone coming together and contributing to one another, investing in each other and really making a lasting effect on life so that it can last forever. In conclusion, Black Wall Street was a symbol that black people can actually consistentently have wealth and be a factor economically.