“Enslavement” of the “Black Race”

After viewing a video that looks to me like another reenactment of slavery, where it shows African American prisoners working on a field picking crops and doing the work of their “master” in the penitentiary. To make the matters worse, the penitentiary is located exactly where a slave plantation was located. Therefore, a prisoner could be doing the same work, in the same place, their ancestors who were enslaved did in the past. Which could be a symbol that the black race is still enslaved today, especially when they end up in the prison. This act is taking place in the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

A place where you can really see Blacks work

This penitentiary can either be an example of how blacks are treated, or just a great business strategy for maximizing work at the cheapest way possible. Although, if all these workers are working full-time on the field, getting paid as little as 2 cent a hour, how could this be justified? The warden sees it as a great investment to make money off these imprisoned workers, just like during slavery. You can see it as African Americans’ reliving the past, but with equal but not equal rights. This warden is bold to take this risk of implementing this actions at his correctional facility.

Working out on the field could be a very harsh place for long periods of time. It can cause heat strokes or any other dangerous matters from the result of being outside in harsh climates.

This image shows a gathering of inmates, who are at a church for worship. A positive side of things is the labor and church goings the inmates are doing have reduced the crime in the prison and made these men better in a way. This could be brainwashing from the penitentiary to justify their actions. Although every human is entitled to their opinion. The inmates could be happy to work like slaves and see the benefits of being in this prison. Although, is it fine if a person is content with being treated this way? What if someone wanted to commit suicide, is it safe to say that because they want to it is okay? Is it okay for a black person to kill themselves by allowing the prison to enslave them like their ancestors? This whole operation could have gone better without the idea of field work for little cash. Reaching out to the inmates spiritually is a great way to better a persons life, but physical labor as such is not good for the human being.

I conclude to say, we should not allow Americans to take advantage over the minorities in this country any longer, and should not allow them to revert back to tragic historical events such as slavery. There should not be an enslavement of any kind of our black race. There needs to be a change, it is not right to have slave like activities going on especially towards the same race that went through it for centuries and is arguably still going through slavery today. There should be a stop to harsh treatments towards any human being, and every person should be equal.

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