A therapeutic sensation-Guanfacine

Since the beginning of the 19th century lot of advancements in the field of chemistry have been recorded, many include the synthesis of new chemicals, preparation of chemicals and much more. A remarkable advancement in the field of pharmacy has been noticed and various medicines have been formulated which can cure a lot of diseases and doesn’t have much side effects. No doubt these advancements have increased the quality of life. While we talk of quality of life, fitness plays a lot important role if we are physically fit then we live a healthy life free from diseases and various things like anxiety, stress etc. In that connection guanfacine is a type of drug that is helpful to everyone.

Now the question arises what is guanfacine how is it helpful? The answer is simple. It is an aromatic compound used for the treatment of hypertension and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) also it is used in the controlling of blood pressures. The common side effects include headache, dizziness, constipation, abdominal pain, confusion etc.reduces anxiety. It is very helpful is treating children who suffered from trauma or have been abused. It can also be used for patients trying to quit nicotine and Making yourself fit

We all dream of a perfect body and fitness as that makes us look more confident, active and attractive. Keeping yourself fit is important these days as a healthy body remains free from diseases, enjoys every situation of his life and thinks positively. So to keep our self fit we indulge in different programs like bodybuilding, yoga classes, fitness clubs and much more but how much it helps? Many times during these exercises the mind wanders off to many other things and the person cannot concentrate thus he cannot do proper exercises. Many take steroids and many other supplements to attain perfect body at an early stage but this has adverse side effects on the body of the individuals causing various ailments like hypertension, blood pressures, lack of concentration, anxiety and much more but many ignore these fact and still continue their usage which can later cause a lot of trouble to their bodies.

Bodybuilding and guanfacine

It is understandable that aspiring for a good body shape is not a bad thing but to attain that chemical usage leaves a negative impact on the health of the individuals also the though exercises sometimes leave an adverse impact on human body. Many times unhealthy body causes a lot stress and hypertension in individuals who are very sensitive about their bodies this can cause adverse affects on their thinking capabilities as their thinking is centered around the idea of being unfit, so to cure this dose of guanfacine can be given. Sometimes heavy exercises harmfully increase the heart rate and blood pressures this can be controlled by a dose of guanfacine. Also it helps counteract many side affects of the steroids that the bodybuilders use to enhance performance. So guanfacine is very useful for bodybuilders as it help in many ways for the betterment of both heart and brain.


Bodybuilding is a positive thing and can your quality of life unless you are free from steroids and other supplement which “promise” nice build in a short time. Even if you have fallen into the viscous circle of these chemicals then guanfacine can help you fight the Side effects moreover it can help you to overcome their addiction. While we must keep our self healthy and safe, it can be said that “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Though bodybuilding improves the quality of life we must be regular in exercises and must do them properly and also eat healthy. Yes! I have revealed you the ultimate mantra of being healthy and physically fit.