SR 9009 is also popularly known as Stenabolic

SR 9009 is also popularly known as Stenabolic and it is a Rev-Erba ligand i.e the SR becomes more active after binding with this protein. This results in enhanced endurance, weight loss etc. This new advancement in pharmacology is significantly used by athletes all around the globe.

Prof. Thomas Burris lead the idea of development of Stenabolic in collaboration with Scripps Research Institute. This needs to be intaken orally so that many mechanisms of the human body can be influenced and regulated. For example, SR 9009 can affect macrophages, cells that store fat, circadian rhythms etc. This leads to a desirable effect for an athlete as there endurance increases and there is loss in fat cells.

How does it work?

SR 9009 binds with the Rev-Erba protein and that starts many processes in human body. One of the significant ones is, the number of mitochondria increases rapidly in the muscles which leads to enhanced metabolism. This also leads to an improvement in the muscle strength. While the research was carried out, Stenabolic was used on mice and it was found that they could cover 50% more distance than what they usually cover and in less than half the usual time. This happens because the mitochondria that are defective get removed from the body and new ones replace due to the increase in the number of the macrophages.

Moreover, Stenabolic burns any extra calorie and also prevents them from turning into fat. Hence when the consumer is resting, the metabolic rates of the human body keeps increasing the expenditure of energy by 5%. Also improved glucose metabolism burns fat and the body never seems to be at rest. To sum it up, there is less storage of fat, liver develops less cholesterol and in the muscles there is more burning of glucose and fat.

It has also been found that there will be decrease in the following :

- level of Plasma insulin by 35%

- level of Plasma glucose by 19%

- level of Plasma fatty acids by 23%

- cholesterol level by 47%

- level of Plasma triglycerides by 12%

- and level of inflammations by 72%.

Medical benefits

Decrease in plasma glucose and triglycerides help in treatment of diabetes type 2. Sarcopenia (due to age there is loss of strength and muscle) can be treated with the help of SR 9009. If anyone have medical reasons not to be able to exercise to lose weight, then Stenabolic can be used instead. Cholesterol and metabolic syndromes can also be address with the help of this chemical compound.

Benefits of bodybuilders

Stenabolic improves strength and endurance and both of which are significant for a bodybuilder / athlete. It also helps in burning calories and enhances levels of cholesterol. Additionally, it helps in muscle hypertrophy and improves levels of blood sugar. Topping it, it increases metabolism. Stenabolic is said to give outstanding results if its consumed along with Cardarine.

Basically, Stenabolic with help the athlete to do a lot more cardio exercises, left more weight, have lean muscles, lose weight and cholesterol levels would be enhanced. Hence Stenabolic is extremely useful for bodybuilding with no side effects.