Strenuous exercise to build muscle mass

Bodybuilding has taken America by the reigns! Everyone tries to stay fit and each person finds the way that best suites them and their lifestyle. Some do yoga, others run, and many found a passion in bodybuilding. This is a very popular sport that uses very strenuous exercise to build muscle mass. There are those who do it 100% organically. Meaning to say, they do the work without added help. Then, there are those that believe steroids will help them amount to the size they envision in themselves. In all reality, most know that steroids are bad but let’s take a look at one unparticular that’s sweeping the work out rooms!. The drugs that are used in the daily activities on sick people or people who feel they should be fit have not been good enough.

Serostim is a prescribed growth hormone usually given to those suffering from AIDS. These individuals then take the serostim and sell it on the streets. Not only has it been proven to higher bloods pressure but users also have stated having very achy joints and muscles. It’s amazing that people trying to build their muscle mass would be using such a drug. Other symptoms can be an overgrowth of bones in the hands, face, and feet and carpal tunnel syndrome is a high risk as well.

To take it to the next level, serostim is an extremely expensive drug. It has been said that 1 month supply is well over $6,000! This equals to over 300,000 million dollars a year feeding into this phenomenon. Tax payers and government funds are being spent on this pharmaceutical drug when those in need of it are not even using it or benefiting from its pros. Body builders, this question is for you. Do you want to not only ruin the name of bodybuilders because of some drug but also ruin your own lives? Is it really worth it?

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