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Illustration by Iris Gottlieb

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This coming March 3rd we will be voting for presidential primaries, along with other measures that are closer to home, including Measure D: Initiative Measure Preventing the County from Changing the Primary Golf Course Use of San Geronimo Valley Golf Course Land Without Voter Approval.

I came to learn about this while researching a story on salmon in Marin for Marin Magazine. It will be published in the March issue. As many of you know, I am not an unbiased journalist, but rather write articles that advocate for a healthy environment. I am most passionate about the health of the ocean and our waterways and support working waterfronts and local fisheries. I’m particularly obsessed with wild salmon. Salmon connect the ocean to streams; long revered as a sacred creature, they have fed humans, along with 500 other species, from gadflies to orca whales, for thousands of years. …

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Note: This was originally published July 2018 in the 4th issue of Kitchen Work a print quarterly journal about what and how we eat. This piece resulted from my time as a Storyteller-In-Residence at the Cayuga Resorts, Latitude 10, which was organized by Coffee Abroad. The theme was “Food with Philosophy.” I am very grateful to all the above for this experience.

Fisherman’s Ceviche

Juice of 2 to 3 limes

1 cup diced fillet of fresh fish, such as mahi mahi

1 small chile, minced

Squeeze lime juice over fish, mix in chile, and let sit for a few moments to cure.

Pot is being packaged like fine wines and sold with bold claims about physical and psychological benefits. Does science back up the marketing pitch?

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Illustration by Graham Roumieu

I n the back yard of the Wu Wei Tea Temple, a café in Fairfax, California, Brant Hindman, operations director of a new cannabis social club, HerbaBuena, held court with patrons in their 40s and 50s on a Saturday afternoon. He stood behind a table filled with biodynamic, sun-grown cannabis flowers on display under glass bell jars, each with a description written like wine-tasting notes on fancy cards: “amazing balance of THC to CDB,” “pain-easing” and “bright high.”

Hindman, tall with a shaved head, laughed and half jokingly called himself a “sensimelier” as he advised the club’s members toward the flower “with fruit in the terpenes” or the one with “a more earthly, marigold nose.” …


Maria Finn

I’m an author and tell stories across multiple mediums including prose, food, gardens, technology & narrative mapping. Instagram maria_finn1.

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