We’ve Got This Whole Unicorn Thing All Wrong!
Tim O'Reilly

The flip side of our algorithm future is that we will all be turking for these algorithms.

If we continue on our current trajectory most of the citizens off this earth will do a job that is just out of reach of the algorithms. For example driving a car.

Great many people put food on the table of their families by driving for Uber actually for the Uber algorithm.

Elon Musk is on track to have fully autonomous Teslas on the road by 2018. Now Uber promised to buy all the self driving cars that Tesla can built, as for them their algorithm has expanded to the last mile.

All Uber, Taxi, Truck, Golf card, … drivers will have to find another job just out of reach of the algorithms, until the algorithm catches up again. Therefore it which will be ever harder for most people to do and more and more will fall behind.

We have to find a way to provide a basic income to every citizen of this earth, so that everyone can benefit and embrace the massive change that we are in the middle of and that is accelerating. It will free us to focus on healing us and the world.