Target Tantrum — The Finnest Family Finnancials

Over the past few weeks, some of our earliest customers have sent us fascinating, fun and incredible stories that highlight a moment they’ve had with their kids regarding money. We picked out a few favorites to share with you so you know that you are not alone with all your experiences! Welcome to Finnest’s Family Finnancials.

Volume 5:

We were at a craft store, my kid was 7 and spotted a sew-on-patch with some kind of east asian character. He wanted it really badly. He begged and pleaded, “It’s only two bucks!” I told him we’ll see, and he just had a tantrum, freaked out there in the store, total meltdown. I had to drag him out of the store he was causing such a scene, I couldn’t even get what I had come there for. At first I had actually planned to get it for him later as a birthday gift, but after his bad behavior I just couldn’t. It was the principle of it.
-Mary P.
Finnest Family