Here is a little life lesson my mom taught me and here’s a story to go along with it.

I was reading. I don’t recall what book or Wiki info It was but none the less, it was definitely below my age level. At the time I was 8 years old. It was school reading, and I did not want to do it. Can you guess what I did? Yes. I played dumb and I gave my powers away! I would say things like “What is this? Who is what? What is when?” I really knew the answers, but I was being lazy about learning.

The point is, if you want to sound smart, then don’t play dumb. Another way to sound intelligent, is to speak loud and clear. You can also take deep breathes, look people in the eye, stand up straight and be confident. You also want to speak in a mid-volume tone, not loud and obnoxious. Also you can find your mask by breathing deeply and making a humming noise in your throat. Last but not least, don’t wear really colorful shirts to make your point. Yes, it sounds nuts but, it’s true. Try to wear something a bit less clowny. People will take you more seriously. Thats all for today.


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