3 Days, 3 Hotels — A Long Weekend in Graz

Enjoying the perks of being married to a successful freelancer, my wife took me on a long weekend to Graz, testing all three her of client’s hotels. Mini-Break! Exciting! And, spoiler alert: we actually managed to relax for a bit. For reals.

We started our tour in the ‘Weitzer’, located directly at the river, which makes for lovely ambient sound at night. Right after I entered the lobby I felt welcome. The hotel immediately shows off its meticulous design without it being in your face. That’s how I like it. Every detail is thought through and it all comes together beautifully. I especially liked the leather suitcase, the signature item in every room that houses the minibar and safe. We were treated to dinner at the hotel restaurant, Der Steirer, and I had the absolute best crème brulée ever (the rest of the food was outstanding too, by the way).

The next day we spent walking around Graz, shopping and simply enjoying the exceptionally warm weather until our feet hurt. My fitbit had me at 10,000 steps at around 4pm, go figure. Our stop for this night, the ‘Wiesler’ was completely different design-wise. It still houses a couple of original art nouveau rooms but all others have been refurbished and are now the perfect marriage of old and new.

Another fabulous dinner and another night later, we had decided that we would spend the day chilling at the café next door and meet a friend there, just hanging out and giving our feet a break. On the way to our third and last location, the ‘Daniel’, we actually ran into friends from Vienna. That’s how small Graz is. On Sunday morning we got a small tour of the hotel and overlooking the main railway station of Graz, this hotel boasts of a rooftop loft-room that is second to none. It has the coolest shower ever, too.

Having a faint background in tourism myself, I know how hard it is to keep smiling and do your job well, when all sorts of crazy demands rain down on you. You can tell when someone is proud of their profession — and this staff has every right to be. They made us feel welcome from the first moment on and were extremely helpful, especially when it came to gluten free breakfast.

I had never been to Graz before and didn’t really have any expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly the people are and how much they care of making their city look pretty, dotted with lots of lovely cafés and shops. It’s also very convenient that what looks like a 15 minute trek on a map is actually a five minute stroll. It was a wonderful contrast to grumpy, old Vienna and most definitely worth the motion sickness on the train (yes, apparently this exists. Who knew?)

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