-Today is a good day.
-Really? Did you find out that the Final Fantasy VII remake will match your greedy expectations?
-Not so good,
-Did you finally find out the name of that pornstar you’ve been looking for since years? It’s about time! I bet now she has a husband, two children, a golden retriever and a respectable retirement fund.
-You do not say! Did George Martin declare he will hand over the conclusion of “The Chronicles of Ice and Fire” before his triglycerides kill him?
-Oh well. I said just “good day”, don’t go overboard.
-Then I give up, shoot.
-You know that about fifteen years…

I remember very clearly that day in February.

TV and Internet often talked about this mysterious virus that bored the name of a mexican weird tasting beer.

It was a virus from China, one of those events that cause tragedies to the opposite side of the world, but that will fade away to you, as if it will not have the slightest impact on your life … Like a tsunami, a hurricane with an unpronounceable female name, or the hair color of Boris Johnson.

But we were wrong, oh we were so wrong.

Until then, people in masks were subjected…


After turning 30 years old you just realize that your elementary school teacher was right: you will never be a wunderkind.

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