How to use Paystack on your FinRik Shop

Paystack is a secured payment gateway that. enable you to automate payment seamlessly with credits, ussd of transfer, depending on your preferred choice of payment.

Immediately you make payment, you click “I have sent the money” a receipt will be immediately issued and you will be notified via an email.



Why you need an e-commerce website

FinRik Shop is a nocode e-commerce website builder that allows business owners, entrepreneurs build ecommerce websites without writing a line of code! We have lots of businesses building with us, taking there business global and we have made a small list of top reasons why businesses need an ecommerce website

Here are some reasons why you need an ecommerce website

  1. To make more sales (more visibility most times leads to more sales)
  2. Sales are 100% automated — no haggling about prices
  3. You will be able to collect customers data; in business data is king
  4. Makes keeping inventory easier
  5. To have 100% control of your online presence, deactivated account ? No worries
  6. Make selling to international customers seamless
  7. Helps establish credibility

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