Accruing resources

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Accruing resources:

Departments must seek the approval of the relevant authority and obtain parliamentary approval to retain income which would otherwise be surrendered to the Consolidated Fund (that is, seek approval to appropriate income in aid of voted expenditure — as ‘accruing resources’). In most cases, income will be retained in support of expenditure within the same budget boundary, but, subject to its taking out a Supplementary Estimate, a department may retain income within one budget boundary against related expenditure in another if there is a direct link between the two. Transactions between a department’s budget boundaries in the Statement of Parliamentary Supply will be eliminated in the Statement of Comprehensive Net Expenditure.

Income (either operating or non-operating) in excess of the level authorized by Parliament to be retained in respect of each budget boundary is not included in the calculation of net resource outturn. This income is treated as Consolidated Fund Extra Receipts for the purposes of parliamentary control within the Statement of Parliamentary Supply, and is paid into the Consolidated Fund. As excess income is calculated in respect of each budget boundary, it is possible for there to be excess income even though, in aggregate, income is within the voted limits.

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