Trillions of dollars swirl in the Forex market every day and this massive profit potential vortex is gripping more and more investors and startups into the industry. So it’s a small wonder why many business enthusiasts start forex brokerage today. However, before turning a great business opportunity into a profitable brokerage firm it’s essential to do thorough research. You need to be fully prepared and know everything: from the best location of your business entity registration to foreseeing the first-year operation costs.

We will try to enter the topic smoothly and highlight the most important steps that should be taken…

Many of us had once thought of making a quick dollar without trying hard. For sure, there are various ways to do that, both illegal and legal ones. But since we are into the trading industry, we are going to consider one of the popular methods to make money the fastest and discuss why it may be a dangerous game for traders. That is Day trading.

Many traders, especially beginners, choose it as the most profitable and quick way to hit jackpot. It’s become so mainstream activity among traders that brokerage companies design advanced trading platforms for day traders implementing…

Beginners who only start their journey in a trading career often get confused by terms trader and broker. Of course, there are some similarities between these concepts as they both belong to the area of stock trading. However, the difference is still significant. To understand the nature of these careers better let’s first see what they do and how they make money.

We are not going to stuff you with the financial terminology as it may confuse you even more. Our goal now is to help you decide what career path suits you best — broker or trader.

What is a Trader’s Mission

In a…

Is there anyone left who hasn’t heard about cryptocurrency?

The online world has opened the gates for everyone to make money in various ways with cryptocurrency rise boomed the e-commerce and financial area. Blockchain operations that are tightly bound to cryptocurrency have led many true believers to create their own supercool hi-tech products and services.

Indeed, more and more ambitious investors, fintech companies and start-ups are sticking to digital cash to try new ways of making a profit through crypto business.

There are truly a lot of cases people introduced cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the areas of entertainment, social…

We’re sure that every trader or an investor once thought about creating something outstanding that could be used fondly by millions. Something like… own trading platform?

The fact is that technological development has become a real competition with many creative innovators failed their “outstanding” ideas on the cutthroat market.

So, is it that challenging? It may be, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to create a kickass trading platform that would win the market. What can help to go with a technological flow? What could make the user experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible? …

Fintatech | Web-Based Trading Software Solutions

We deliver turnkey Web-Based Trading Software solutions for trading companies, educators and data vendors to help the business grow.

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