Interstellar.Exchange releases a Stellar Wallet and Decentralized Exchange UI on the iOS AppStore.

Here at Fintech Ltd, we are pleased to officially announce the release of our award-winning and popular Interstellar.Exchange Stellar wallet and decentralized exchange UI on the iOS AppStore. The app was released on the iOS AppStore on Thursday, January 17, 2019. This means our Interstellar wallet is now arguably the most complete Stellar wallet and decentralized exchange experience on the iOS AppStore. You can download Interstellar for iOS here.

Why this release matters to you, the iOS Stellar user.

iOS users have always been able to access our Interstellar wallet through on any iOS browser. However, this was not an optimal experience for many of our iOS users. Using the browser to access our Stellar wallet and exchange UI meant slower startup times and jumping through a lot of hoops to use our app while offline. Using mobile browsers also meant using less available screen space.

The iOS app version of Interstellar.Exchange loads faster than the web version, and can also be easily used offline to view previous snapshots of asset balances or SDEX markets. The iOS app version of Interstellar.Exchange also maximizes screen space on iPhones, better than on mobile browsers.

While there are iOS users who will always prefer a mobile web experience over an app experience, it was important to give users a choice, and discover for themselves what works best for them.

Below, we’ll list a fraction of the reasons why Interstellar for iOS is the most complete Stellar experience on the iOS AppStore.

A complete Stellar experience on the iOS AppStore.

Our Interstellar platform offers users both a complete Stellar wallet, and a complete Stellar decentralized exchange UI.

A Complete Stellar Wallet on the iOS AppStore

As a Stellar wallet, users of the Interstellar iOS app can expect the following benefits:

  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Support for any stellar asset.
  • Fiat price estimates for any stellar asset on the SDEX.
  • Private keys are stored locally on your device, securely encrypted with a password of your choice.
  • Fund accounts with BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP.
  • Integrated UI for the deposit and withdrawal of BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP, including some fiat assets like WSD and XAF.
  • Support for N/M multisig setups for extra security.
  • Light/Dark themes.
  • Notification sounds.
  • Swap from one asset to any other asset.
  • One click setup for inflation destinations.
  • Merge accounts.
  • Support for Stellar Federation addresses (e.g. lambo*
  • Automatic checks for missing memos when sending XLM to popular exchanges like Binance.
  • Dashboard overview for all of your accounts and asset balances.
  • … and many other essential Stellar wallet features.

A Complete Stellar SDEX UI on the iOS AppStore

As a Stellar SDEX UI, our Interstellar iOS offers users the following benefits:

  • Markets overview which can be sorted by price, volume or %price difference. This also includes non-XLM markets.
  • Semi-advanced market search features where you can search by asset code (btc), market (xlmusd), by asset name (bitcoin), or even by anchor (apay).
  • Trade between any two Stellar tokens (even between any two non-XLM tokens).
  • Standard trading buy and sell forms.
  • Daily and hourly candlesticks.
  • Orderbooks.
  • Wallet trading history.
  • Market trading history.
  • Candlesticks, RSI charts and MACD charts
  • 24hr Open, High, Low, Close data.
  • .. and a lot more features you’ll discover once you use the app.

Not a trader? Not a problem.

With such a full-featured trading UI, one would assume only power users would use Interstellar. Our Interstellar wallet enables novices too to join the fun of trading. If you are already very comfortable with trading UIs and terminology, you’ll find yourself at home on our iOS Stellar Decentralized Exchange UI. That said, traditional trading UIs can be very intimidating for first time users. Also, some users just want to swap tokens using the best rates and routes available. That’s why we launched our Stellar Swap feature. You can read more about our dummy-proof stellar asset swap feature in our previous blog post.