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Mar 29 · 4 min read
A Complete Digital Currency Experience

As spring rolls in, FINTECH Ltd will like to announce our newly refreshed website for the Interstellar wallet and decentralized exchange, including the release of Interstellar version 3.6.0 code-named Vega (The brightest star in the constellation of Lyra).

The website has been redesigned to provide more helpful information about our app and its unique features for our users both new and old.

With over 100,000 user wallets created through the Interstellar web app and over 15,000 mobile and desktop Interstellar app downloads, we will like to thank our users and fans for continuing to support our app since our humble beginnings in September, 2017.

We have listened to your feedback, reviews and comments, and we have some new and exciting updates and features to share with you. Without further ado, here’s what we’ve introduced with Interstellar v3.6.0.

Showing Desktop Some More Love

Even though our Interstellar wallet has undergone multiple facelifts since September 2017, our engineering and design teams have always focused on a mobile first strategy. This changes today.

We are happy to announce that Interstellar v3.6.0 introduces many UI/UX improvements specially targeted for desktop users with larger screens. This is particularly useful for professional users with multiple wallets and trusted assets.

Interstellar on large monitors now displays an always-on left side bar for easier access to menu items. It also includes a right side bar with real-time recent wallet history, which allows you to quickly glance through any changes occurring on your wallet.

New Interstellar Wallet For Desktop. Now includes a Left Side Menu, and a Recent Activity Panel on the right.

Our Dashboard and Wallet History sections have also been redesigned with a new grid layout which takes advantage of desktops with large monitors. You get to see a lot more, and scroll less.

New Interstellar Dashboard For Desktop. Overview of all imported wallets.
New Interstellar Dashboard For Desktop. Overview of all assets across all imported wallets.

Professional Interstellar users with multiple wallets and large screens will love what we’ve done to our new Dashboard and Wallet History sections.

Here’s a short video of what to expect:

Multisig Plus

Interstellar v3.6.0 also introduces the most advanced multiple signatory coordinator on the Stellar blockchain, which is now exclusively available on our app.

We call it Multisig Plus.

Here’s why Multisig Plus is cool. Traditionally, multiple signers on the Stellar network could only sign one transaction at a time, in the order in which they were submitted. This doesn’t work well in practice especially when the decision makers have different levels of availability, or when transactions require varying levels of time-consuming procedures before they can be signed. With Multisig Plus, decision makers can sign any pending transactions any time, and in any order. They get to have a bird’s-eye view of all pending transactions they have to sign, see who else has accepted or rejected the pending transaction, and get to work on any of the pending transactions in any order as they see fit. This is true freedom and control.

According to Fritz Ekwoge, CTO at Fintech Ltd:

Multisig Plus required us to go back to the drawing board and challenge everything we knew about multisig coordination on Stellar. Our team devised a novel approach which fits more naturally into the real-life workflow of our users.

Multisig Plus on Interstellar

Multisig Plus has tremendously helped organizations like GiveDirect, where decision makers are spread across multiple cities and continents.

Miscellaneous Updates & Road Map

Interstellar v3.6.0 comes bundled with other miscellaneous updates, including:

1. Toggle memos to hide transaction memo spams and scams.

2. Custom Stellar Network Operation Fees. (You can now choose between Low, Medium and High priority fees).

3. A new landing page for our website.

4. The new Stellar logo.

All these updates are available right now on Our desktop web and mobile web versions all run the latest Interstellar v3.6.0.

Our Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac apps will be updated in the near future.

Talking about the future… What’s next after Interstellar v3.6.0?

There are a thousand and one things in our roadmap, but the most relevant item we wish to share right now is GodSpeed.


Our team has studied the bidirectional payment designs of the Lighting Network as-well-as the current Starlight implementation for the Stellar blockchain which are both designed to help address some major scalability challenges including security, privacy, instant payments and zero fee transactions.

According to Ernest Mbenkum, the CEO of Fintech Ltd:

“We have been looking at the Lightning Network from a fresh and slightly different perspective and to this end, our Skunk Works Division at FINTECH Ltd, has been working on what we refer to internally as project “GodSpeed” which we will share with the community in the fall of 2019.”

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Stay tuned. Even better, follow us on twitter or join our telegram group to stay up to date.

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FinTech Ltd. is a Cameroon based company that develops kick-ass Blockchain applications and services for the new banking and financial services economy.

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