Meet One of Russia’s Most Respected Billionaires, Oleg Boyko

Oleg Boyko is globally recognized as a successful international businessman, an accolade very few achieve. Boyko also has the honor of being one Russian’s most respected billionaire’s, as noted in Forbes Magazine in 2012..

Oleg Boyko is known not only for his business savvy, but he is highly respected for his professional and ethical approach in all endeavors. He has earned this respect all while conducting most his business pursuits in Russia, a country plagued with economic obstacles and even organized crime, aka the Russian Mafia.

One of Oleg Boyko’s early accomplishments was forming Evraz Holding through the buyout and restructuring of three of Russia’s largest steelmakers. The eventual success of this company was a direct result of his extensive business knowledge and experience. When forming Evraz Holdings, Oleg Boyko introduced global best practices, enhanced shareholder value and guided the company’s strategic function. Today, Evraz Holdings is one of the largest participants in the domestic coking coal market. Ultimately, Oleg Boyko sold his stake in Evraz Holding with an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of more than 100%.

Boyko’s involvement in the world of business also includes founding new companies as well as expanding existing ones,. His interests are diverse, including such companies as the cosmetic retail chain of Rive Gauche, media and real estate assets, Baltic Trust Bank, a bank in Latvia, among others. In all his business interests, Oleg Boyko has risen above the norm, shunning crime keeping mafia interests out of his companies.

As an international businessman, Oleg Boyko understands that to be successful in today’s global economy, companies must be able to grow in a fast-paced and complex environment. His extensive education and business experience have made him a well-known name globally. He is known for his success across diverse industry sectors and world regions. His strategic and ethical guidance can be felt in real estate, securities trading, entertainment, steelmaking, and finance, across many regions — including Latin and North America, Easter and Western Europe, South and South East Asia and of course Russia and the Commonwealth Independent States.

Another vital factor important to the success of large successful enterprises is the belief and respect for their employees. Oleg Boyko innately understands that for a company to grow and thrive in today’s vast and often turbulent marketplace, every employee must be encouraged to maximize his or her development through ongoing training and support. As a respected international businessman, Boyko has proven that employees who are given ample opportunity for self-improvement and professional growth are one of any company’s most valuable assets.

The business successes Oleg Boyko has enjoyed even more remarkable when viewed against the hurdles he has faced. A self-made businessman, Oleg Boyko has remained true to his convictions ethics while operating large successful corporations in an age that has been tainted with crime and mafia activity.