Top 10 Airbnb home-stays in Dehradun

The beautiful Doon valley situated on the foothills of the Himalayas, a picturesque city with a mild climate and lush greenery is a must on the checklist of every backpacker trotting across the streets and hills of north India.

With the emergence of Airbnb as an online homestay platform, we have provided below our recommendations for the top 10 Airbnb home-stays in Dehradun. This has been done before here (the only article we were able to find) — however, we wanted to (i) provide an updated article and (ii) improve the ranking process to make it more ‘systematic’ in nature.

We developed a methodology to rank the home-stays on the basis of information provided by the hosts on their listings. We began by identifying common ‘rank-able’ factors between each of the properties for example facilities provided, distance from key locations, security and safety, cost and ambience — and then ranked them. This is then averaged to come up with an overall ranking for the properties.

The table below summarises the top 10 ‘budget’ Airbnb home-stays in Dehradun (under Rs 2500 per night for two people), along with (i) ranking of individual factors (ii) overall rank. Rank 1 meaning ranked ‘Best’ in each of the categories. For detailed methodology or any questions, please contact us.

Let’s go through each of the properties in detail, we will start from 10th ranking home-stay and move up the ladder:


This beautiful homestay is nestled in the forest and in close proximity of a seasonal river, making the location of the homestay pleasant and relaxing. It is however far away from train station (12 km), city centre (11 km) and from tourist places an average of (20 km). A tastefully decorated bedroom with access to the living room is provided. There is an AC in the bedroom which is useful to have as the temperature rises in the summer. One can enjoy the view of the beautiful garden from the verandah. The hosts also provides complimentary accommodation for the guests’ driver. In addition, for guests with no transport, hosts’ personal vehicle is available for use on request. They also have health equipment which the guest can use and a WiFi connection.Overall great facilities!

What’s not great:

As mentioned earlier, the location of the place is far from the city centre, markets and tourist places. They do not provide a kitchen however cooked food is available at a charge. The living area is shared and therefore not ideal for guests looking for privacy. The property does have extra facilities such as hosts vehicle and health equipment which unfortunately does get reflected as a ‘premium’ on the pricing. It is the most expensive property in our listing (Rs 2,147 for two guests).

Our verdict:

Ideal for nature lovers who do not mind paying a little extra for the facilities!

9. Terrace Garden Home

Terrace garden home offers a lovely hill view and is located in ‘Dalanwala’ which is a beautiful residential area. Bang in the middle of the city — it is close to train station (4 km), city centre (2 km) and at a manageable distance from key tourist places (13 km). This place provides one bedroom ensuite bathroom, a living room with AC and a kitchen. The beautifully maintained terrace garden has a sitting space and the garden on the ground floor is accessible to the guests. In addition, an outdoor lawn is provided as well. WiFi is made available for the guests. They have a cosy study room which could be quite handy for guests to sneak in for reading, writing or research.The host resides in the same property and is available to help with the stay.

What is not so great:

Bedroom does not have an AC — not helpful as it does get quite warm in Dehradun during summer. Although the bedroom is private, the kitchen and the living room areas are shared which is not ideal for guests looking for a private and an independent stay. Last but not least, the price (Rs 2,400 for two people) is third most expensive in our budget properties list.

Our verdict:

Ideal for city dwellers who are looking for a no-stress comfortable homestay to relax in the city.

8. Secret Gardens

Secret Gardens is situated beyond Mussoorie diversion in the lap of nature and its windows open to the beautiful view of Shivalik. Like Vanzara, it is far from train station (15km) and city centre (11 km) but on an average nearer to the key tourist places (12 km). The homestay provides you with one bedroom ensuite bathroom on the first floor with AC. A kitchen is provided and cooked meals can also be arranged at an extra charge. A landscaped cosy courtyard garden is decked with a sitting place and the rooftop is accessible. Wifi connection is provided for guests use. Both hosts and caretaker are present to make your stay comfortable.

What’s not so great:

The place is far from the city centre and train station. Living room and other areas are shared — again not ideal for guests looking for privacy. The property location itself is quite secluded which might raise some security concerns for guests new to the area. The cost of the room (Rs 2,200 for two people) is the second most expensive property in our list.

Our verdict:

It has a beautiful ambience and is a comfortable city escape but comparatively expensive.

7. Room/Bathroom/Verandah/Independent

The place is situated near Rajpur road in a beautiful neighbourhood, providing an easy commute to the city (2 km), train station (3 km) and on an average distance from the tourist places (13 kms). Local market is five minutes away and has lovely affordable cafes to satiate your taste buds. The house is old-fashioned with a different feel vs other modern apartments. This house provides independent access to a non-AC bedroom with attached bathroom. Shared kitchen and living room is available and the hosts are present to cater to your needs. WiFi is provided with a workspace area. The house is surrounded by a lovely orchard — litchi, jackfruit, plum, mango, guava and other trees — a great addition to the property right in the middle of the city centre and a treat during the harvest season! All this at a reasonable price (Rs 1,390 for two guests).

What’s not so good:

The rooms furnishing and ambience seems ordinary. The living space and the kitchen are shared together with the hosts with no independent access. Unfortunately, no AC is provided — making it quite an undesirable choice during the summers!

Our verdict:

This homestay feels secure, has a great location and is available in an affordable price range.

6. Feel like Home away from home

The homestay is at a comfortable distance from train station (5 km) and city centre (5 km) but a bit far on an average from the tourist places (14 kms). Guests have private access to the first floor with two bedrooms en-suite bathroom, an open dining area and a kitchen. The terrace is open to the guests to enjoy the green sitting area. The place seems spacious and the rooms are well-furnished. The hosts are available in the property and can be easily approached for help. The hosts also provide pick up and drop-off to railway station/airport. They provide WiFi access and a study room for work purposes. In summary the property provides good location, two bedrooms, study room and privacy at a reasonable price (1398 for two people).

What’s not so great:

AC is provided at an extra cost which we think could have been a part of basic room facilities. Does lack in overall facilities.

Our verdict:

This place is ideal for guests looking for a budget, good ambience and a comfortable home stay.

5. Hari Sharanam-Independent Luxury Rooms

The property is close to Mussoorie and also at good distance from the city (6 km), train station (8km), city centre (6 km) and key tourist places (12 km on an average). The property has many rooms like a hotel in multiple levels. Bookings are made on a per room basis. The rooms seem clean and well maintained. There is an elevator which makes going through multiple levels advantageous. WiFi connection is available. A host, co-host and a caretaker are available to take care of your needs. A variety of other services are also provided — a satsang hall for prayers and meditation, a central dining facility. It also contains a temple in the courtyard. This is the cheapest property (Rs 980 for two people) in our list, making it the cheapest budget apartment so definitely value for money!

What’s not so great:

This essentially has a hotel feel, defeats the purpose of people looking for a homestay. Only one bedroom is available, dining area is shared and common for all the guests.There is no kitchen for use which is a little inconvenient. AC is provided at an extra cost. All of this does offset the budget price to some extent. Overall, a simple and a good budget stay.

Our verdict:

This place is ideal for solo guests travelling on budget (top cost rank) looking for a safe and compact place to stay.

4. Sheela’s Dream Garden View

This house provides a breathtaking view of Mussoorie hills and is located near Rajpur road (5 km), train station (2km) and key tourist places (12 kms on an average). It has a beautiful neighbourhood with wide roads and lush greenery. The property is at a convenient distance in terms of clinics, restaurants, shops, bakery. This homestay provides one AC bedroom, ensuite bathroom, a kitchen, living room, rooftop and a balcony opening to the mountain view of mussoorie. They also provide a kitchenette outside the room which is a huge bonus.The cost of accommodation is quite reasonable (Rs 1450 for two people). The two hosts of this property are very hospitable, they welcome you to a cosy and homely setup. Free continental breakfast is served each morning at the property — for a weary traveller this is the place. Lunch and dinner are available at an extra cost. Overall great property with lovely views, well furnished rooms and hospitable hosts.

What’s not so good:

The property overall is great — however at Rs. 1391, the property is slightly above average price range. In addition, the property does lack few additional features — this becomes quite evident as we go through the higher ranked properties.

Our verdict:

Ideal for travellers looking for a secure place to stay at a good distance with warm hosts at reasonable cost.

3. JJR Villa

This is a luxurious furnished property which is well maintained and equipped with modern facilities. The location is as central as it can get (1 km) with shops 5 mins walk away. It is closer to the train station (4 km) and city centre (5 km) but a bit far from the key tourist places (13 kms on an average). The villa provides three bedrooms ensuite bathrooms, living room and a broad balcony. The rooms seem spacious, well furnished and have ACs. Guests have independent access to their rooms. Washer dryer facility is also available in the premise. The host and the caretaker are present to guide you with the stay. Wifi connection is provided. One can enjoy the facilities and the ambience of a 5 star hotel at a relatively cheaper cost with homely warmth.

What is not so good:

For Rs 2000, this is the third most expensive property on our list. The premium in price is explained by the ambience and location, offsetting the advantage.Property over all is great — but lacks extra features that some of the other higher ranked properties are providing..

Our verdict:

The place is the port of call for travellers looking for modern luxury homestay minutes away from the city centre (top distance rank).

2. The Sirmour Villa

The villa gives a warm feeling, the terrace area provides a grand view of the Shivalik with city-charm in a nice neighbourhood. It is conveniently located next to the city centre (4km) and key tourist places (12km) but a bit far from the train station (9km). The market is close and cabs/local transport is available with ease. The guests have access to an AC bedroom ensuite bathroom, dining room, living room and a beautiful lawn area. All the rooms receive natural daylight. WiFi is provided. The host and the co-host reside in the same property and help you to make your stay comfortable. The lawn provides a perfect setting to sit and bask under the winter sun. The accommodation cost is at a reasonable and below average price (Rs 1,186 for two people).

What is not so good:

Travellers looking for privacy have to compromise as living room and the dining room are shared by the hosts. The kitchen is not provided for guest and they are dependent on the restaurants nearby for food availability.

Our Verdict:

Overall a great secure property with extra features such as a beautiful lawn and at a very affordable budget.

1. DIV ESTATE (Farm stay and Event Venue)

The property like other nature retreats, is situated next to the forest. It is away from the train station (11 km), city centre (10 km) and tourist places (17 km). The gates of the property open up to unfolding greenery and view of Shivalik mountains — watch this video. Guests get complete access to the property — a modern decor house and a 25 bigha orchard. The house has glass doors living room overlooking the front garden, two luxuriously decorated bedrooms with AC, en-suite bathrooms and a kitchen. There are two large beautifully maintained front lawns and a bonfire lawn to keep you snug under the starry nights. There are mangoes and litchi trees in the orchard, a succulent addition especially for summer tourists. Deep breath, there is more..

A well-decorated rooftop with lovely views of the mountains, farmlands and forests all around. Camping, trekking and events facilities in the form of outdoor camping, kitchen and toilets (extra-cost however). They also have a candle-lit dinner setup! The property also has CCTV for additional security. There is a 24/7 caretaker adept at cooking simple wholesome Indian meals with a kitchen garden to source the greens. In addition to the caretaker, there are three co-hosts. Free WiFi and they also have a moveable swimming pool! All this at a very reasonable price i.e. the second cheapest homestay in our list (Rs 1,390 for two people).

What is not so great:

The place is relatively far from the city — it is advisable to bring your own vehicle or host can arrange to pick up and drop facility at an added charge. It is mentioned that mobile networks are weak, but there is free WiFi.

Our verdict:

A very affordable luxurious home-stay (tops in facilities, security and ambience), a cross between Vanzara and JJR. Numero uno hands down!

Thats all folks! So utilise the weekend, escape to the picturesque valley that is Dehradun and what’s even better is with Airbnb’s home-stays, you can enjoy the comfort of being at home while you are at it.