Check out the latest with Bixby at the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference

Are you heading to the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco later this week? Be sure to check out their latest innovations and to also see what is new with their voice assistant, Bixby.

What is Bixby you ask? In early 2017, Samsung announced their voice-powered digital assistant named “Bixby”. This virtual assistant, initially developed for the Galaxy S8, sets reminders and does similar things that Siri and Google Assistant does. But with Bixby, you won’t hear a response “I can’t help you with that”. And this voice assistant is unlike Siri or Alexa because Samsung is focused on delivering cognitive tolerance, which means interacting with Bixby shouldn’t just be success of failure. More often than not, you will hear helpful things like “is this what you wanted?”

While at the Samsung Developer Conference, check out the latest with Bixby. And while there, check out Fintel Lab’s EvaMoney — the only financial health partner for Bixby. EvaMoney is powered by Fintel Labs’ Fintel Cloud which provides developers many tools to allow global banking customers to create a rich customer experience with AI-driven tools. Fintel Labs believes that AI voice will be the primary interface for most consumer solutions because of the ease of use and speed of engagement. And true to the definition of Artificial Intelligence, by utilizing AI & machine learning, banks will be able to automate a lot of the process for banks and global financial institutions which in turn will enhance employee productivity as well as customer loyalty & engagement.

Stop by the Bixby booth to learn more!