Finturi partners with CIB and takes another step towards building the world’s leading invoice finance platform

Jul 8 · 2 min read

Furthering its dedication to connecting businesses with financiers and building trust in the ecosystem, Finturi is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Centraal Invorderings Bureau — A young, innovative and dynamic credit management organization that specializes in following up unpaid invoices.

Centraal Invorderings Bureau distinguishes itself from other organizations by a contemporary approach to credit management. A highly innovative collection process, high-quality employees, socially responsible collection, and a high service orientation are among its core values.

This partnership will make Finturi’s invoice financing process on the blockchain, even more robust. It will enhance the user experience of the financiers on the platform even more and give them higher confidence to finance invoices on the platform. This added confidence and robustness of the system will then eventually lead to providing money to businesses at a lower rate of interest.

The team at Finturi is very excited about this partnership. Since both the companies focus on innovation and believe in providing best in class user experience, this partnership will be mutually beneficial.

“We strongly believe in using technology in order to optimize financial processes. Centraal Invorderings Bureau uses technology in order to optimize the debt collection process. It is debtor friendly and makes sure that user experience is a top priority in the entire process. It also considers debtor’s personal situation and comes up with the best possible solution. This personalized and innovative approach makes it a perfect fit for us.” — Johannes Brouwer, CEO, Finturi.

“Finturi connects businesses with financiers and is building an incredible, robust and secure invoice financing platform. It leverages new technologies in order to provide businesses with quick cash and at the same time provides financiers with a platform where they can safely finance invoices in just a couple of clicks. We are very happy to be able to extend our service to Finturi users and be a part of Finturi’s journey of building world’s leading invoice financing platform.” — Roman Berkhout, Co-Owner, Centraal Invorderings Bureau.

To know more about Finturi, you can download our vision paper here.

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