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Today we’ve got some great tips about setting a single goal, and then managing your day so that you actually achieve it.
Plus some other interesting articles that will shift your point of view…

1) Noah Kagan: How One Clear Goal Will Grow Your Business

I was recently on a live video call with noah kagan and I was struck by his approach to business — and in particular, his laser-like focus on goals. I haven’t written specifically about goals or goal-setting yet, but Noah nailed it. In just a few sentences, he dished out some amazing advice that will radically change any business that applies it.

For those that don’t know, Noah Kagan was one of the early employees at Facebook. He then went on to work at Mint.com and was instrumental in the company’s successful launch. He is now the founder of Appsumo and Sumo (both wildly successful businesses) and now has a great podcast (Noah Kagan Presents). When he talks, people listen — and you should too! Here’s Noah’s advice on setting one clear goal for your business.

Noah Kagan on Goal Setting

2) Why You Need a To-Do List AND an Action List

There are thousands of apps, planners and methods for managing to-do lists. I’m sure I’ve tried hundreds of them! But have you noticed that finding new ways to manage to-do lists doesn’t seem to be actually helping us? We’re still drowning in things that need our attention, we’re still busier than ever, and often, we’re still not getting the important things done.

It’s incredibly frustrating to work hard all day and end up with a to-do list that’s longer than when you started!

Here’s why to-do lists alone don’t work and what to do about it!

3) How Being Nice Is Killing Your Shot At Success

This is an old article but one I’ve just discovered. It’s a great message — particularly for many of us that try to see the good in situations and people. Laura Roeder is the founder of Meet Edgar and after firing her third bookkeeper and wondering whether she’d become too harsh, she says;

“…here’s what I realized: you make huge gains with tiny incremental changes, and your vendors are no different”

To succeed in business, sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Read Laura’s insights here.

4) The 5 New Genius Life And Business Revelations Of High Success You Don’t Know

This stuff is deep. But at this time of year, I wanted to remind us all that when we’re stuck solving problems, chasing customers for payment, struggling to create quality work or whatever problem we’re dealing with, we need to enjoy the process.

I know it can sound like a crazy idea, but read this article by Richie Norton and you’ll get it. I promise.

5) How To Build A Billion Dollar Startup

Here’s a very different type of article that I think you’ll like. It’s funny, short, poignant, but perhaps a bit too close to home!

Recommended reading from Jon Westenberg — Growth Marketing ↗️.

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