Top 10 AR/VR Solution Companies — 2019

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the things of the future and going to be the most significant technology of the modern generation. AR and VR trends have been influential in reducing the risks and costs associated with training and have shown their value. This will lead to higher adoption of technology in different sectors, which often use expensive tools and equipment.

Many social media applications are developed with a combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. AR and VR have transformed the way people buy products today. In addition to augmented reality, virtual reality can reshape the retail world, and numerous customers believe that investing in these technologies can improve their shopping experience. Many automobile companies are combining artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies to create a benchmark in the market.

2019 is the year to promote VR-based marketing. The new headsets can be utilized in kiosks during B2C business promotions, via virtual reality advertisements dispersed between games, or to demonstrate products in B2B marketing. Virtual reality will allow marketers to be involved in product development at an earlier stage. Not only will this accelerate launch, but it will also ensure they are ready to provide effective solutions to customer queries at every step of the marketing funnel.

This edition of CIO Advisor APAC features companies that are at the forefront of offering AR/VR solutions. CIO Advisor APAC’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. We present to you — “Top 10 AR/VR Solution Providers — 2019”.

Top AR/VR Solution Companies

Extraordinary Learning Experiences

Melbourne-based Extraordinary Learning Experiences (XLX) offers VR-based personnel training solutions that offer hands-on, life-like experiences that enhance a user’s learning process by making training information more tangible. The company offers two core solutions — LIBRA and VIRGO. LIBRA is a library-based training solution suite that uses government provided content to instruct and test the understanding of cybersecurity awareness topics such as emails, phishing, ransomware, and more. On the other hand, VIRGO is a storyline-based training module, which takes the user through an immersive journey of that teaches them how to log in to systems, user verification, and other basic cybersecurity tasks


In pursuit of discovering endless opportunities in the field of eye-tracking, a team of dreamers, doers, and thinkers in Taiwan founded Ganzin. The company’s eye-tracking technology overcomes the challenges in integrating eye tracking into AR/VR devices with easy mechanical design, small form factor, low power consumption, and comprehensive application scenarios. Ganzin optimizes the entire eye-tracking system from the algorithm, hardware architecture, sensor, to mechanical design. The outcome is Aurora eye tracking module, which is a compact module enabling eye-tracking capability on clients’ AR/VR/smart-glasses devices with minimum effort

Looxid Labs

Looxid Labs offers an innovative market research solution, Looxid Analytics that seamlessly integrates an emotion recognition system with virtual reality (VR) using the eye-brain interface. The emotion recognition system comprises VR-embedded sensor system (a set of eye-tracking and brainwave sensors) that are compatible with various VR/AR/MR headsets to maximize the acquisition of robust bio-signal data. The sophisticated orchestration between the sensors and the VR headsets allows brands to capture genuine emotions of the audience by analyzing their brain activity and eye movement. Looxid Analytics leverages a personalized bio-signal based emotion analysis AI algorithm to deliver reliable results through seamless and real-time emotion tracking


MediaTek is a market leader in developing tightly-integrated, power-efficient systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, home entertainment, network and connectivity, automated driving, and IoT


7DX is an analysis and development company for Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. 7DX is an innovation-focused organization that creates immersive alternatives for modifying AR / VR / MR apps. Founded in 2016, 7DX combines behavioral technology and science, providing simulation learning and education initiatives, brand experiences, business onboarding, and immersion, improving management and improving efficiency, immersive data visualization environments, virtual trade, and more. 7DX curates captivating and efficient AR and VR capable of storing memory in distinct areas of the brain

7E Systems

After six years of research and growth, 7e Systems Limited was formally recorded as a limited company in 2016, ultimately resulting in several innovative pilot projects and creating the original innovation products, which were then integrated into one underlying business strategy. 7e Systems Limited was effective because of our distinctive mix of cultural factors with talented founding members from nearly every region of the world. The capacity to interact and comprehend distinct worldwide views has made it possible for 7e Systems Limited to generate products and services with a massive attraction to global enterprises


Magicast ® focuses on the development of innovative Digital Twins AI systems for mixed reality. The primary team of Magicast composed of worldwide specialists from prestigious businesses such as aigo Group, Baofeng Group Co., Virtual Engineering Center (VEC) at the University of Liverpool, Foxconn Technology Group, FESCO Group, and others with extensive expertise in the areas of studies into algorithm software and optical hardware. The MorphoMR’s Platform is embedded with NED Optics technology including Freeform Optics and Optical Waveguide Optics, making it a completely unique interactive system in the environment of mixed digital twins


Nreal’s goal is to create mixed-reality accessible to all. By empowering designers to produce breakthrough apps that can eventually propel a fresh age of amusement, efficiency, and more, they strive to understand the complete possibilities of mixed reality. Nreal has been at the core of constantly creating customer-friendly mixed reality wearables since 2017 with the aim to make intelligent wearables for people to use artificial intelligence effortlessly. Its flagship brand Nreal Light is a couple of state-of-the-art, compact, and convenient blended reality glasses featuring a vibrant, wide-screen screen that is industry-leading


ShowHow is a cloud platform that enables the user’s to develop immersive exercise and environments for more significant results in teaching practices. ShowHow is in Beta at the moment, and we are collaborating with different organizations on drivers. ShowHow is about offering students the chance to exercise sessions and situations based on the forthcoming interests of the technologically viable world. When it comes to the extent of product usability, accessible on desktop, portable devices, VR Headsets, SCORM, and xAPI, ShowHow platform are readily available to the end-users


VRTY designed to bring to every school environment worldwide the miracles of Virtual Reality and 360-degree technology. But beginning with VR can be a bit overwhelming with loads to discover with the do and don’t purchase, and sometimes the material that is accessible or produced is not applicable to learning requirements. They want to assist modify that at VRTY though. VRTY believes that VR and 360 ° should be available to all, and that’s why they have developed an internet platform that can assist support the demands of education and teaching

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