How to make your content king


Everyone is under the spell of content marketing. If your brand isn’t jumping on the bandwagon, you might as well drop out of the game. Content has become more and more a vital part of survival for any brand.

But how do you even get started? Content has come a long way in a short period of time and it has really showed what it can do for brands who use it the right way: with a strategy. Sure you can create content that looks cool but if it doesn’t add value, you might as well send out a blank page because it’ll have the same effect.

To make a successful content strategy, you need to have a clear overview of the following parts that are necessary to create kickass content.

You always start with your company or brand. The goal you have in mind is what will lead the way in your content. Questions you should be asking yourself:

  • What’s the goal of your company or brand?
    Your content will look differently when the goal is brand awareness or when it’s generating leads.
  • What is standing in the way?
    Why hasn’t the goal been met? You’re identifying the obstacles that are standing in the brand’s way.
  • Where are your succes stories?
    These are your unique selling points. Put the focus on what your brand is great at.

When you know what your goal is, the next step to take is identifying your audience or persona. The questions you should be asking:

  • Who is your audience or persona?
    This obviously speaks for itself but based on your goal you have to think about who you want to reach with your content.
  • What motivates them?
    Establish what they find important. What their values are. If you know what motivates them, you know how to motivate your audience.

The last part is about taking the first step into shaping the content. What you need to answer:

  • What kind of content do you need?
    Here you identify what your audience or persona content needs are. After that you need to ask the brand for the content your audience needs.
  • Which content tactic is needed?
    Where does the audience start looking for the content they need? Where can you find your audience or persona? Think about if they search via Google or if they search via hashtags on Twitter. This influences where you’re going to share your content.
  • What tools are you going to use?
    If your audience searches for information via hashtags on Twitter, you need to share your content on Twitter. Maybe they love to read long, in-dept blog posts. Than you have to use a blog for your company or brand. You identify the type of content you’ll need to create.

But how do you know your content is working? That’s why you need to set performance indicators you can measure and how you’re going to measure your indicators.

After you put together your content strategy plan, it’s time for a meeting with your brand. It’s important to have everyone on board because if you don’t get everyone excited about it, it’s not going to work! You probably will get some adjustments from your team which will only help you make an even stronger content strategy that is going to put your brand on the map.