Thinking out loud about Digital Scholarship

Thinking out loud (please note I thought this would be funny to do this and I never take myself seriously, not sure if that came across or not so felt the need to explain here)

A new day and a new section of the Open Learn Digital Scholarship Course. These are my notes which are essentially me thinking out-loud, as well as providing the answers to some of the questions that occur throughout the course. The first question is based around Boyers four functions of scholarship which is a useful framework to apply to students development of online learning too. We have been given the four areas: Discovery; Integration; Application and Teaching and asked to reflect on how we think that technology has impacted on these areas. These are my notes:

Discovery — platforms for finding and searching for collections. Metadata behind them and how we categorise information
Integration — through finding new information (via digital platforms) it is easier to share and see commonalities between disciplines and cultures
Application — through using the web we can share presentations, video talks, and host discussions. We can also create new content to share our research through the web via various tools. 
Teaching — we can use these outputs (from application) to create shareable resources for learning and teaching. Use a range of collaborative tools online (shareable docs, collaborative content creation through video) for learning and teaching

Week 2

I’m onto Guerilla research — doing research without funding, few people, no permission using existing open data and disseminating via social media (that’s roughly what it is). The question we’ve been asked is can I think of an example of doing this for my practice. I think we have been doing this anyway, as in my role, I am not counted as academic staff and yet I have been doing research anyway. I’m doing some now around the use of badges and ePortfolios. Along with my PhD of course, I have written about three or four research projects. It hasn’t changed the nature of research for me because I have not led a research project (although I have been part of them) so that is interesting. I am a ‘get on a do it’ person anyway so it doesn’t appear any different to me. I like it though, something that I will try and think more about doing. I have to come up with an idea for my thesis now anyway. There is some useful suggestions via the recent UCISA digital capabilities survey as highlighted to me by Gill Ferrell which I have been thinking about using so that sort guerrila-ish.

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