Finding Good Coffee In Riga

I was optimistic when I arrived in Riga, that they would appreciate good coffee. And I was right! It wasn’t too hard to find good coffee in the centre.

These are the 3 that I tried:

Innocent Cafe

Illy cafe seems to be everywhere in Riga, which made me a bit nervous. But then I remember that there is more to a good coffee than just awesome fresh beans…

There needs to be an awesome barista making the coffee as well. And it seems that Innocent Cafe has a pretty good barista.

In Summer, it’s a nice spot just outside as well.

Rating: 7/10



These guys take their coffee very seriously, and their vegetarian food! If you like strong, fresh coffee, then you will be very happy here.

It’s quite cosy as well, so I would think this place would be very comfortable in the colder months.

Rating: 9/10


Kuuka Cafe

In the spirit of trying other coffee places, I decided to relax at Kuuka Cafe in the Old Town. It was a lovely, cosy cafe, and the staff were friendly, but the coffee was not that good.

It was a bit too milky.

Rating: 5/10


Originally published at travelwithfiona.

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