Very nice article :) I was reading and it came to my mind that it would be even more interesting if…
Linda Vecvagare

Thanks Linda. I’m glad you liked the article and I appreciate your feedback. I didn’t realise anyone was reading my little blog! :)

I am currently tracking every expense I make in an app called — Trabee Pocket. I even paid $2 to buy the full version because I liked it so much.

I am happy to share some numbers, but I must mention, I am traveling with my partner, so my figures are for a couple traveling together, and not a solo traveler. Solo traveling can be more expensive than a couple per person.

Here is what I spent in Australian dollars for 2 people for 7 nights in London:

  • Accommodation = $509
  • Food/ Meals/ Coffees = $364.64
  • Transport = $189.40
  • Clothing/ Shoes = $86.49
  • SIM cards = $43.68
  • Other (health/ printing/ post) = $36.57

Total = $1,229.77 (or GBP733 or EUR843)

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