The glittering eyeballs watch us from above,
as you slip on the cloak, the hat, the gloves.

But something isn’t working right 
you conjured the sun, but you made night

The rainbow sky melted, we are left with the rain
the spell is dripping down the drain

The illusion is broken, no more make believing
somebody wake me up! but I’m not dreaming

Yet we laugh in the days destruction and sorrow
Knowing you can make a better tomorrow

But for now, spread arms wide, hold me in near
So beneath your cloak I can disappear

Pull my sorrow like silk from within
knot after knot slipping over my skin

just as easily as you cut me in two
Place my halves together, make me whole anew

Unravel what the world has concealed
Let the master’s trick be revealed

Pull me back to face you 
The tongue hides truth, but eyes never do

You are the greatest magician I’ve had in my sight
because you’ve made my existence into a life

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