TechTogether is a national nonprofit organization focused on improving the gender diversity and inclusivity of the hackathon community. TechTogether is most well-known for its large-scale gender-focused hackathons that are run across the country.

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BU Spark! and TechTogether Boston team at TechTogether Boston 2019

Boston University, a long-term sponsor of TechTogether, will be TechTogether’s first season-level sponsor. As a season-level sponsor, Boston University will be supporting all four of TechTogether’s national chapters whose events are credited for increasing the gender diversity of the hackathon community by 16% in the past year.

In partnership with Boston University’s Spark! program, TechTogether will be hosting an additional nation-wide program called PreHacks that will introduce high school students to hackathons and teach them coding fundamentals. …

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Photo from Techogether Boston 2019.

So your organizing team is about to open registration/applications for your hackathon and your marketing has no idea where to start.

In this article, I will give several tips on how to increase event registrations so your team can effectively market your event from start to finish.

Before you start blasting your website link to every hacker you know, you should test out the functionality and content of your website with your target audience.

This is extremely important because even if your team likes the website, your target audience will not hit the register button if your content doesn’t resonate with them. …

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HobbyHacks was TechTogether’s first hackathon that used Eventbrite for registrations. In the past, we’ve used both Typeform and custom-built web applications to handle event registrations.

We decided to use Eventbrite as our registration system for HobbyHacks because it was easy, powerful, and reliable. Due to the virtual nature of the events this year, we no longer had restrictions on the number of hackers we could support for each event. Therefore, we decided to remove the application process and allow anyone to register/attend.

I’m not going to make this a how-to tutorial because creating an event on Eventbrite is straightforward and simple. Creating compelling messaging for your event and maximizes Eventbrite’s features, however, is more difficult. …


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