Continuous Integration and Delivery for Mobile

Maksym Grebenets’ overview of continuous integration and delivery on mobile apps. He covered build and delivery automation tools, source control systems and branching models.

This is part of a series of notes from from YOW! Connected conference where leading experts presents their thoughts on all things mobile and IoT.

Maksym is an advocate for using xcodebuild over xcode, using command line over reliance of IDE.

xcodebuild is command line tool to automate the build process. Other alternatives: Shenzhen, Gym.

Share scheme of CI to be run from command line, multiple custom scripts may be bundled up as a ruby gem. This is a CI agnostic solution, should work out of the box even on your computer. Allows you to define your own set of tooling. On top of shorter cycle, you can also incorporate linting or backwards compatibility all the same.

The process also eliminates human error. As an example, when he was working on Newscorp app targeting multiple apps per deployment, it’s easy to miss target membership and having to redo multiple Jenkins deployment.