UX through Design Thinking

Nicholas Nicoloudis uses the design thinking methodology to better understand our customers.

This is part of a series of notes from from YOW! Connected conference where leading experts presents their thoughts on all things mobile and IoT.

Nick covered three scenario’s on which design thinking is used to improve customer engagement.

The first being Australia Post and the parcel collection process using iPad and beacons to improve the tracking and parcel collection process. Right tool for the right scenario. Know when and where a tool fall short. Google glass is not conducive at facilitating human-human interaction, but great for dealing with barcodes/processing information accurately. Bluetooth beacons also used to ensure the right item being loaded into the right truck.

The second scenario being using Myo Armband to create a wearable device allowing service technician to have gesture control and continue controlling the schematic without having to put down tools or remove gloves.

The final scenario combines an iPad, beacons, iPhone and Apple Watch to improve the loan origination process, working with both banking and real estate business. First part is the creation of a customer’s social insight dashboard mobile application containing information: net worth, milestones in life based on cues picked up from marketing engine. Next, the beacons carried by realtor at open house which talks to customer’s Apple watch. A popup notification appears when bank customer’s detected at an open house — helpfully prompting them with a mortgage/loan calculator.

Takeaway from the talk: Go through a day in the life of your end user — your customer’s customer. Sprint zero to come up with something quickly. Get feedback, there should be a constant loop to make sure you are on the right track. Lastly, a lot of UX issues can be solved using existing tools.
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