Well, here’s a simple answer.
Carl Sandburg

Well written response to a well written article but to separate out colonialism, slavery, racism from the ideals born in the exact same matrix is to ignore at best a paradox, at worst the fatal flaw. This can’t be solved by teleology, “we’re getting better,” famous words of abusive mates everywhere. Those Scottish philosophers mentioned in the article and other careful thinkers of the eighteenth century understood the incommensurability of free markets/workers’ rights, sovereignty/native claims, commodity production/slavery. Adam Smith himself could not justify a free market model to the point of ideological alchemy. He did attempt to defend the model but also gave a counterpoint from the worker’s point of view. Like a great coder he patched in fixes but knew the structural weaknras in the code. The stubborn, tone deaf insistence on a pure and perfectly functioning model was left to ideologues like Ricardo and Hayek. I think Buckley is their descendant.

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