The first

Long long day…. And it’ll be the same for the next 5 months…

It’s my first…

… day of class since late 2010.

… Medium post.

… English post.

… day at work starting afternoon.

It’s good to feel and know that things are getting better… know that is not in vain to do something and wait patiently for the results… put seeds and wait for the little green leafs.

It wasn’t easy… I’ve been lost, sad, almost out of my mind… looking for a way to make things faster… but my time is now… not before, not after

In a few minutes will be tomorrow. It’s bed time.

As my first post, I’m glad that you read it and give me your feedback (I’m not good writing in Spanish, my mother language, so I think that I’m worse doing it in English).

Thank you.