Rolling out Unified Plan support

new RTCPeerConnection({..., sdpSemantics: 'unified-plan'}); // opt-in

Are we affected by Unified Plan changes?

  • peer-to-peer mesh with at single audio/video stream
  • SFU-enabled multiparty, using at a single audio/video stream
  • peer-to-peer mesh with one audio and up to two video streams

Solving the easy problems first!

new RTCPeerConnection({..., sdpSemantics: 'plan-b'}); // opt-out

Postponing the hard parts!

  • a Chrome version < M69 which does not support Unified Plan (without bugs at least)
  • Safari which only started supporting Unified Plan in recent Tech Preview (and does apparently not consider allowing the application to choose)

Some progress at least




doing things webrtc @appear_in

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Philipp Hancke

Philipp Hancke

doing things webrtc @appear_in

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