FIPT — The Oasis Joining the World Class Indian Trainers with the Corporate Clients

Finding competent Trainers in India for various domains is a chaotic job. Relying on the skills and qualifications mentioned by the trainers from different fields is tough in the first place till we encounter with any legit certification or association. FIPT (Federation of Indian Professional Trainers) is a Non Profit Training Organization registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 bridges the gap between the corporate entities looking for trusted and skilled trainers for different domains and the professional trainers willing to serve the Indian clients.

At FIPT, our dexterous professional trainers aim to improve the skills of every employee or a selected group of employees in an organization for the optimum development of the entity. Most of the time, the corporate entities or the institutions don’t have sufficient time to verify a trainer’s profile or experience and many times the wrong choices lead to regret. At FIPT, we help the corporate entities and institutions make the right choices for their training programs. We are a huge roof to the certified and competent trainers from various domains. All of our trainers undergo a registration process sharing their professional profile and personal details. We also have a registration process for our corporate and institutional clients so that a seamless service is experienced.

FIPT has a range of registered professional training firms. If a corporate organization requires multiple trainers or a group of trainers to train a broad spectrum of employees or members then these registered training firms can be approached. The future of Indian Training Industry is pretty bright and soon it will be in huge demand. To add to this growth, FIPT provides a great opportunity for the trainers, training firms and the clients requiring training services. Trainers who register themselves with FIPT will be able to leverage the opportunity to work for the first-rate clients and the registered entities will be sourced the best trainers to make the grade. This will help the development of the Human Resource and the global productivity.