On Being Racist and Asian
Minyang Jiang


Thank you so much for writing this piece, what you have written is spot on in many ways, I’d add that this behavior is not just limited to Asians but also to other ethnicities, mine included.

It takes a lot of work to overcome the racial bias that gets drilled into us from an early age, without trying to consciously integrate and understand people from other cultures we often end up stereotyping them based on looks & skin color while completely disregarding their backgrounds, aspirations and achievements.

From personal experience I have often hit the so called “Thin but impenetrable cloak” when interacting with people from an Asian descent, often wondered how a given interaction would’ve gone if my appearance was that of a Caucasian or an Asian.

Having lived in many places around the world and as a father myself I am very conscious of making sure that my kids understand that people are the same regardless of looks or skin color, I am fortunate to be living in a very multi-cultural society but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t continuously work to ensure that my kids as well as myself are always accepting of people based on who they are rather than their looks.

I hope you succeed in raising awareness about this topic, best of luck :)

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