After much thought and consideration I decided to start. Start doing what I knew I loved from the bottom of my heart. Start showing myself that I can be late and uncertain and still succeed. It doesn’t matter that they started when they were younger or they started very good but what matters is that I pick up and dine with the winners at the high table. That’s what I wanna do. That’s what I wanna prove. That I can be the best and I can strive and thrive to be better than my best. One of my most extreme fear of wanting to write, or having a book written by me, or that amazing poem that will blow people off is that I think all has been said. We have so many people in this world and I think it has all been said by them. In a way I think I’ll commit plagiarism. In a way I think the other person has said what need to be said. In a way I think the other person has already known what I feel. So what do I do? I’ve been living in this cage of fear, this cage of uncertainty, this cage of I’m-scared-of-people’s-criticism. I read other people’s write ups... Other people’s posts... Other people’s feelings and thoughts and I’m mind blown then I ask myself... Can I be as good as this person? I tell myself No! This was so good! Do you have the ability to make a good write up like this? Do you have the power and mind to string up words all scattered in your brain and make a beautiful statement? Do you? Then I feel like a failure. I feel defeated/laughs sadly/ I failed before I even tried. /laughs sadly/ Can you imagine? But... I don’t want to die with that passion and love. I want to live my life to the fullest also doing what I really want to achieve. People are going to talk anyways so let me do what the hell I wanna right? (Pardon my French).
...And now I promise you. A writer and reader has been born. I’ll write on anything and everything and read anything and everything.

I need all the support and motivation please. Thank you ☺

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