But that’s none of my business

Kermit the Frog is a puppet character created by Jim Henson. The character appeared in The Muppets in 1955! Kermit became a part of everyones business as of June 2014 as a meme all over social media.

Kermit the Frog drinking tea

In the meme, Kermit is sipping on some tea. This meme is captured with “But that’s none of my business” being a sarcastic phrase towards awkward behaviors on social media. Kermit, a lovable character on Muppets, has been turned into meme to call out unpleasant individuals in a passive aggressive way.

So why has it gained so much popularity? A meme is a message that’s funny and relatable. According to experts, ‘the green’s frog’s success stems from his familiarity as a childhood favorite. Everyone knows what they are and feel comfortable using him to signal things about their identity’ (Monsanya, 2016).

On June 17th, the earliest known photo of Kermit exposed on an Instagram feed in a post mocking delusional women. Twitter users began tweeting #NoneOfMyBusiness reaching 19,000 mentions in the first four days of going viral.

Tweets of meme per day

This meme became a regular internet joke and a symbol for comedians. It also appeared in the NBA championship . LeBron James wore a hat with a logo representing a tea-sipping Kermit, as ‘a sneaky diss’ directed to the Warriors who lost in the Finals against the Cavaliers.

An Instagram page has been made for the meme called, @thatsnoneofmybusinesstho. Images of Kermit that are sassy, judgmental and funny are all featured and trending. Here are some of the images shown on this page:

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