A Shift in Automotive Consciousness

Elon Musk has gone on the record saying that driving will eventually be illegal. Now, as a car guy, you’d think I’d be up in arms about a statement like that. But… being a Fireball, it doesn’t hinder me in the slightest. Why? Well, since this is RIDE OF THE WEEK… let me tell ya ppl. I love to drive. And there aren’t many things I love as much. But deeper than driving is the purpose of driving. It’s to get somewhere. A motivation. A journey. An ideal. And the only thing I like more than driving is to have an idea that takes me somewhere I’ve never been. Like shooting your guy’s cars! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Mr. Musk is both addressing and solving an age-old problem since cars first came on the scene. They were invented to give people freedom, but the idea of something being autonomous was left to trains (and not even that.) If driving became illegal today, it wouldn’t stop my love of vehicles, motion and the journey, nor change the ideal. Our freedom would be untouched and in the same stroke, unfortunate accidents would be a thing of the past. Imagine. And driving would still be something you could experience on the track in a safe environment. But until his Hyperloop and Autonomous Cars are online, and the world presses that illegal button, I’m gonna drive my butt off in cool cars. And should the day come, it will be my CHOICE in how I look at it. Being a Malibuite, the choice MUST always be cool so-as to maintain an awesome Automotive Consciousness. We face it every day in our lives as we RIDE through life. Some of us choose to not make a choice, but others striving to be aware that their choices have power, choose wisely to bring all the best things in life. Change is immanent. Plus, when you welcome it, it shifts into gear to give you the best of what the world has to offer. Fear it and you bring more things to be afraid of in your experience. So, fear not my Malibu Persons of Power! Get into the stream of Automotive Consciousness and drive from your soul. Live for today and be grateful in the journey. We never know how much time we have to get it all in, so don’t waste it on being afraid to change. CHANGE IS GOOD. Like Chocolate. Really, really, really goooood Chocolate. Have an awesome week!

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