One Week Design Challenge: Redesign Lufthansa’s Inflight Infotainment Interface.
Bureau Oberhaeuser

Nice post, but I think it misses one important thing: All those systems have very little CPU Capacity, which means they are extremely slow.

This is not a constraint that is going away soon (they would need to replace every screen), so I would say this is an important design constraint that must be taken into account.

Did you try watching a trailer, or a video (short one) on those systems? It takes quite a while to load.

So sure, a design improvement, but as stupid as it seems, Picture + brief movie summary in this case is actually a better media than the trailer itself.

And that’s not all. These screens are exposed to a lot of usage, they are much more prone to breaking than any other device. For example, mine was a bit buggish and receiving touch input with delay and sometimes even receiving “random touch” when I didn’t have hands on screen. I’ve been on various long flights where screens are available (not only on Lufthansa), and this has been a recurring problem. So I would recommend a UI where random touches won’t trigger long-loading unless behind a clear “click wall”, together with a small amount of touch spots, to reduce the random clicks as much as possible.

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