WWE Moment of the Week (7/17/17–7/23/17)

This week’s WWE moment is the New Day vs The Usos for the Tag Team championship at Battleground. Going into this pay-per view I was a little excited for this match because both of these teams are arguably my favorite in WWE. I thought this match was going to be a basic tag team match so my hopes weren’t very high but I am happy I was wrong. The match starts out with your standard tag team match formula, The Usos, the tag champs,separating the ring making sure Kofi Kingston can’t tag his partner Xavier Woods. They go back and forth for a few minutes until Xavier Woods is tagged in and the match starts to get really good. Xavier doesn’t get to wrestle as much as the other New Day members so seeing him in the ring alone was exciting. Xavier and the Usos exchange blows, the tide of the match keeps shifting back and forth. Near fall after near fall, the match just kept going despite both teams giving it their all. The Usos pull out a double splash on Xavier yet he still manages to kick out. Xavier ended up using his signature elbow drop from across the ring, pinning the Usos and becoming the new Tag team champion. This match was just a roller coaster and for me it was the best match of the show, and even the week.